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Facts about Memory Foam Infused with Latex

by Amber Cook


While there are many mattress toppers that claim to provide comfort, latex memory foam provides a firm, durable, breathable material that relieves pain and draws you into deep, restful sleep. Check out the facts: There are five reasons memory foam with latex is a good option for you.

Latex Memory Foam Facts:

  1. It's very durable: Latex is widely used in the medical field because of its reliability and durability. Memory foam products with latex are made to provide comfort and pressure-relieving support with the same durability. Latex also has a huge advantage over traditional mattresses because of its resistance to mold and dust mites.

  2. It provides firm support: Memory foam with latex provides a firmer support than many of its foam-based competitors. You'll notice that when you press it down, it quickly springs back into shape -- unlike many other toppers that get squished down after several uses.

  3. It can help relieve pain: Pressure points in your body can cause pain and stiffness as you sleep. If you're experiencing these symptoms, it may be the result of capillaries being shut off by the pressure being put on certain points of your body as you sleep. This pressure disrupts blood flow and eliminates oxygen flow to your muscles which interrupts your sleep. Memory foam infused with latex releases the pressure by forming to the contours of your body. With that pressure gone, your blood can flow normally and you won't feel the need to turn over as frequently.

  4. It's very breathable: One complaint of some memory foams on the market is that they leave you feeling uncomfortably hot because the material isn't breathable. Latex, on the other hand, is a breathable material that leaves you comfortable and cool.

  5. It is eco-friendly: Memory foam mattresses infused with latex are made from renewable resources, like natural rubber, and are biodegradable. Take comfort in knowing that your purchase won't hurt the environment.

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