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Facts about Andy Warhol

by Amanda Mears

Artist Andy Warhol

As a leader of the pop art movement, Andy Warhol was a symbol for the merging of capitalist culture and bohemian living. His famous paintings featured pop icons and well-known products taken out of commercial context and turned into works of art. The world's fascination with Andy Warhol can be attributed to his larger-than-life persona and eccentric lifestyle, which created an image everyone wanted to unmask. To learn more about Andy Warhol and the pop art movement, keep reading.

Interesting Facts about Andy Warhol:

  1. His real name is Andrew Warhola Jr. Although his original birth name is well known, there is some discrepancy about the actual date of Andy Warhol's birth. Since no certificate was issued, it wasn't until he went to college in 1945 that any documentation was established. Today, historians believe Andy Warhol was born August 6, 1928.

  2. His words were as famous as his art. Andy Warhol had a penchant for voicing his opinion on culture and is even credited with coining the phrase "15 minutes of fame." In 1975, his observations and thoughts were collected into a philosophy book that was commercially published.

  3. Warhol dabbled in film, literature and music. A love of all forms of media led Warhol to experiment with adopting bands, self-publishing several book and directing dozens of short films. Warhol even designed the cover art for the Velvet Underground, a band he discovered and made famous.

  4. The silver hair Warhol sported was actually a wig. Andy Warhol had several habits that related to the way he presented himself. Besides wearing a silver wig to enhance the youth of his face, Warhol also refused to wear any color except black after he became an established artist.

  5. He toyed with the idea of opening a restaurant. Andy Warhol famously talked about opening a restaurant called ANDY-MATS that had single stalls for each patron with a television set in each one. Although he loved the idea of solitary living, in truth, Warhol was also a proponent of human kindness and volunteered regularly at homeless shelters in New York throughout his life.

  6. In 1968, Warhol was shot in front of his art studio, The Factory. Just two days before the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, Andy Warhol was shot by Factory fixture Valerie Solanas. Warhol suffered serious injuries from the gunshot wound and had health problems stemming from the shooting for the rest of his life.

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