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Essential Linens for Your Wedding Registry



Household linens are an extensive part of the wedding registry, whether the couple is planning a traditional wedding and gift list or a more modern affair. Not only are linens practical, but they also help establish the style of a new home and make it comfortable. You may want to receive all new items or just a few pieces to complement what you already own. Either way, this list will help you organize the essential linens for your wedding registry.

Table Linens:

  1. Choose table linens for both everyday use and special occasions. First, measure your dining room table; a tablecloth should hang 6 to 8 inches below the surface. If you have a table with extensions, be sure to register for cloths to fit the small and extended sizes. Formal cloth dinner napkins measure 24 inches square, but napkins for everyday use and casual parties can be smaller. Table pads help keep the linens in place and protect your tabletop from damage.

  2. Tablecloths for formal settings

  3. Tablecloths for casual settings

  4. Dinner napkins for formal settings

  5. Dinner napkins for casual settings

  6. Place mats

  7. Table runners

  8. Table pads

Bedroom Linens:

  1. This is the perfect opportunity to redecorate with new sheets and fashion bedding. Sheet sets are a convenient option for you and the gift-giver, but you may need to register for individual pieces to get certain styles. If you choose a white down comforter, also called a duvet, you'll need a duvet cover to protect it. After picking the bedding basics, add extra pillows for style and extra blankets for comfort.

  2. Sheet sets

  3. Flat sheets

  4. Fitted sheets

  5. Pillow cases

  6. Standard pillows

  7. Standard shams

  8. European pillows

  9. Comforter set

  10. Down comforter

  11. Duvet cover

  12. Bed skirt

  13. Blanket

  14. Quilt

  15. Mattress pad

Bath Linens:

  1. Many high-quality towels are available in sets of six, with a set including two bath towels, two hand towels, and two washcloths. Couples usually register for at least two sets. Of course, you can also get individual towels, which is convenient if you want more of one item, such as extra hand towels for the powder room. Bath sheets are larger than standard bath towels and are usually sold as single items. Some couples also register for stylish bath mats and luxurious robes.

  2. Bath towel sets

  3. Bath towels

  4. Hand towels

  5. Washcloths

  6. Bath sheets

  7. Guest towels

  8. Bath mats

  9. Bath robes

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