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Essential Laptop Accessories for Travel

by Paul Sanders

Leather laptop travel bag on a bench

Traveling for work is that much easier with laptop accessories for a portable office. With many gadgets and limited packing space, you may want to narrow your options to just the essential laptop accessories that make your computer simpler to use on a plane or in a car. Consider some of these basic computer accessories to include when you travel.

Travel Laptop Accessories:

  1. Screen protector: You may not always be using your laptop in the best lighting conditions, and there's more of a chance that the screen will be bumped or scratched when you travel. Laptop accessories to protect your screen can also act as a polarizing filter to prevent others from viewing sensitive information on your screen from an angle.

  2. Laptop bag: This laptop accessory may seem obvious, but a durable laptop bag may be the most important of all the laptop accessories on this list. A padded interior with adjustable compartments for other laptop accessories and tools will make your laptop bag an efficient, compact carry-on that's easy to use during travel.

  3. Adapters and chargers: The right adapter will let you charge your battery in the car, a hotel and even in foreign power outlets with different voltage requirements. Look for laptop accessory kits that include plugs for multiple outlet types.

  4. Collapsible lap desk: A collapsible laptop stand or lap desk won't take up too much room in your laptop bag and can make it easier to use your computer on a plane or anywhere a work table is not readily available. More advanced lap desks will have USB ports to charge other laptop accessories.

  5. Adapter cables: If you want to plug into a projector, monitor, HDTV or other display, you'll need adapter cables. These laptop accessories are often bundled in travel kits with other cables and tools, such as a USB hub and power adapters.

  6. USB mouse or keyboard: Smaller laptops and netbooks can be uncomfortable to work on for extended periods. USB laptop accessories, like an external mouse or foldable keyboard, can give you more comfortable control over your computer without requiring a larger laptop bag.

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