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Dyson Vacuum Buying Guide

by Christina Wright

Dyson DC25 Animal upright vacuum with Dyson Ball and Telescope Reach wand

In the world of vacuums, Dyson has become a synonym for top quality and performance. Dyson vacuums employ special technologies to achieve their consistently high marks, so learning about them and choosing the best one for you can be a daunting task. This Dyson vacuum buying guide will help you understand what makes a Dyson worth having, which models are right for you and what you can do with a Dyson.

Five Markers of Performance:

  1. Technology: What makes Dyson different from other vacuum cleaners? All vacuums have suction, but Dyson, due to its patented Root Cyclone technology, doesn't lose that suctioning power. According to independently conducted Dyson tests, Dyson vacuums don't lose suction, have the best average pick-up and generally out-cleans other vacuums.

  2. Performance: Dyson features all-floor performance, which means that it has excellent pick-up on all floor surfaces, not just carpet. You don't have to press a switch to move from your carpet to hard surfaces. Plus, Dyson has several models of vacuums designed with you in mind. Whether you have pets or allergies or need a vacuum that can clean your car in addition to your home, Dyson has a vacuum for you.

  3. Cleaner air: Dyson vacuums are certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. This means that Dyson vacuums have a clean air exhaust that puts 150 times less bacteria and mold back into the air you breathe. All Dyson vacuums are certified asthma-friendly and make allergies easier to deal with.

  4. Value: Most other vacuums require you to buy new filters and bags. However, Dyson vacuum cleaners have no extra costs; they have lifetime HEPA and washable filters, and these powerful vacuums don't use bags.

  5. Warranty: Dyson features a five-year warranty on parts and labor on all new Dyson canister and upright vacuums and a six-month warranty on refurbished vacuums. This means your Dyson upright or Dyson canister vacuum cleaner is going to last.

  6. Choosing a Dyson Vacuum:

  7. DC 14: This is the upright Dyson Telescope Reach vacuum, designed for easy stair and high-reach cleaning. It comes with a Telescope Reach wand and hose that instantly releases and expands to 17 feet at the touch of a button. Dyson Telescope Reach vacuums include animal, all-floors, full-access, complete, drive, full-kit and total-clean models.

  8. DC 15: This is the upright Dyson Ball vacuum. The Dyson Ball vacuum rests on a ball and steers easily with a turn of the wrist. It includes the Telescope Reach wand and a wide suction channel for picking up large debris. Dyson Ball vacuums include the all-floors, animal and full-kit models.

  9. DC 17: This is the upright Dyson Absolute vacuum. It out-cleans other vacuums with the best average pick-up across all floors and uses Level 3 Root Cyclone technology. The Dyson Absolute includes a Quick-draw Telescope Reach wand. Dyson Absolute vacuums include the animal and all-floors models.

  10. DC 18: This is the upright Dyson Slim, the most powerful lightweight vacuum available. It is ergonomic with effortless steering and comes with a Quick-draw Telescope Reach wand. Dyson Slim vacuums come in the all-floors model.

  11. Dyson Root 6: This Dyson handheld vacuum has twice the suction power of any other handheld. The powerful, constant suction of the Dyson Root 6 means it will pick up things that most other vacuums will miss. It has a two-year warranty and Lithium ion battery technology that recharges up to three times faster than others. The Dyson Root 6 includes an LED battery indicator and combination accessory tool.

  12. Dyson Stowaway: This is the canister vacuum that doesn't lose suction. The hose wraps up so you can store the Dyson Stowaway easily. It has a motorized brushbar, foot-operated brush control and an onboard storage tool. This canister vacuum is approved for allergy sufferers by the British Allergy Foundation. The Dyson Stowaway glides around furniture, is for all floor types and has a five-year warranty.

  13. Types of Dyson Vacuums:

  14. Animal: This model is designed for homes with pets. It comes with a mini turbine head, a carpet care kit, a low-reach floor tool and a brushbar that turns off to protect delicate rugs and bare floors.

  15. All floors: This model is designed for all floor types for the best floor care and also has a brushbar that turns off for delicate rug and bare floor protection.

  16. Full access: This model includes extra tools for improved cleaning in hard-to-reach places, a low-access turbine head for cleaning under low furniture and a flexi-crevice tool for awkward gaps.

  17. Complete: This model is fully equipped with extra tools for total cleaning, like a low-reach floor tool, a soft dusting brush and a flexi-crevice tool.

  18. Drive: This model is designed for optimum home and car cleaning, including a car turbine head for removing dirt and pet hair, a flexi-crevice tool and a stiff bristle brush for carpeted areas, upholstery and vinyl.

  19. Full kit: This model includes extra cleaning accessories like a mini turbine head, long bristled tool and an extra lifetime HEPA filter.

  20. Total clean: This model includes intensive cleaning tools, like a mini turbine head, a stiff bristle brush and a mattress tool.

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