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DVD Camcorder Fact Sheet

by Sabah Karimi

DVD camcorder

If you're looking for camcorders to capture the moment during a special event or shoot home videos, you may be considering a DVD camcorder. A DVD camcorder or digital camcorder allows you to capture video, audio and image files and easily transfer the recording session to a DVD disc. DVD camcorders are capable of producing high-resolution video and images, and can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings. Here are some facts that may help you decide on the right DVD camcorder for you.

About DVD Camcorders:

  1. Recording media: DVD camcorders are designed to transfer video and audio sessions directly onto a DVD immediately after recording. Many DVD camcorders can support DVD-R and DVD-RAM formats. DVD-R is supported by most DVD players. Most DVD-R discs can hold up to two hours of video camcorder footage, and you can skip to sections of the video using your remote control.

  2. Recording features: Like other camcorders, DVD camcorders often have digital zoom, a swivel screen LCD, image stabilization, manual focus, self timers, and connections for memory cards and USB flash drives. Some features are available only on a few models of DVD camcorders, like visualization effects, touch-screen panels and scene-selection modes that automatically adjust lighting and color based on the environment.

  3. Automatic picture enhancement: DVD camcorders produce professional-quality footage. Some DVD camcorders include built-in infrared technology for shooting in low-light settings. DVD camcorders are generally lightweight, easy to program and can produce high-resolution video.

  4. DVD camcorder for still shots: Some DVD camcorders are designed with a memory-stick media slot that allows you to capture still images just like a regular digital camera. You can take pictures with your DVD camcorder and see the high-resolution images on the display.

  5. Accessories and necessities: The accessories you may want to include with your DVD camcorder will depend on where you're shooting and what you're shooting. It may help to have a tripod, which helps cut down on dizzying camera movements. DVD camcorders also use a lot more power than a regular camera. You may want a back-up battery for your DVD camcorder if you're shooting in a location without access to electricity.

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