Dress for Success: How to Dress for a Job Interview



Job interviews are never easy, and it's true that the first impression is the most important. Your interviewer will likely begin to make assumptions about you the moment you walk in the door. Luckily, you can make the best impression possible by following these tips about how to dress for your interview.

Dressing for an Interview:

  1. Prepare your outfit the night before. The last thing you want is to be rushed when you're getting dressed and ready for your interview. Get ready for the meeting in advance by laying out the clothes you're going to wear the night before. Make sure everything fits well and is clean and ironed. This way, you'll feel confident in your appearance and yourself when you leave the house, rather than rushing to find a pair of stockings without a run on your way out the door.

  2. Research the company's dress code. Not all job interviews call for a pant suit. In fact, being overdressed can sometimes be just as detrimental as being underdressed. The best way to know how to dress for your job interview is to research the company's dress code and then dress to match or just surpass what employees wear to the office every day. For a formal workplace, a skirt suit is ideal, while a skirt and blouse are more appropriate for a business casual office. For a very casual workplace, plan on dressing up a little for the interview. A button-down shirt and pair of trousers or a skirt and cardigan are perfect.

  3. Choose modest over flashy. You want your resume to speak, not your flashy fashion choices. Avoid bold, bright patterns, chunky jewelry, and any other statement pieces that will take attention away from you and what you're saying. Instead, look for clothes in solid colors and classic cuts over bold patterns and trendy styles. The same goes for makeup and perfumes and colognes. You don't want to overwhelm your interviewer, and some people are even allergic to fragrances; the subtler, the better.

  4. Take a second look before you leave the house. Sometimes you miss the little things, like lint on the back of your sleeve, or a button you didn't fasten on your shirt. Once you're ready to go, take another look in the mirror and make sure everything is in proper order. Knowing you look your absolute best will boost your confidence and help you be at ease during your interview, not to mention save you from an embarrassing moment during your interview.

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