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Do It Yourself: Home Improvement Tips


Whether you're doing a major home makeover or just updating a few things, tackling a home improvement project can be intimidating, especially if it's your first time. These tips will help you avoid some common mistakes as you get started on your home improvement tasks.

Home Improvement Tips:

  1. Prioritize your projects. It's easy to get excited about home updates and start planning a makeover for every room in your home. Trying to do too much at once, however, will make you less productive and you'll likely burn out fast. Plan out your projects based on priority, and tackle them one at a time. Some projects need to be done to avoid deterioration or further damage to your home; these should be first on your list. Next, focus on rooms that you use the most, like the kitchen or the bathroom; fixing up these rooms can also help improve the resale value of your home. Then, work on the rooms you use the least, like a guest room.

  2. Build your budget. Knowing your budget from the beginning will help you stay on track through the whole process. Before you begin planning and shopping, decide on an overall budget, as well as budgets for each individual project. Shopping for deals online can help you get more for your money.

  3. Look for inspiration. Having a clear idea of what you want will help you throughout your entire process, and you'll be happier when the final result matches the vision you've had all along. Pick up some home improvement magazines or books and do a few internet searches for some inspiration for your projects. Pinterest and Houzz are both excellent sources for DIY inspiration.

  4. Think green. Why not make your home more eco-friendly while you're at it? Take advantage of the opportunity to change things up and choose eco-friendly materials and energy-efficient large appliances. Not only will you be doing good for the environment, but most eco-friendly updates will save you money in the long run, too.

  5. Do your research. Which wood flooring is best for your climate? What kind of prep work do you need to do before installing a new shower? What are the building codes in your area? What tools do you need for your project? Find out as much as you can before you start your project.

  6. Get creative. It's your house, and it should reflect your style. Don't be afraid to break out of the mold and make some creative choices. Try out some unexpected materials and play with color to create a unique space for you and your family. If you're worried about resale value, get creative with things that can be easily changed, like paint color, and keep things like flooring or wall tile more neutral.

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