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Decorate Your Office Right



Whether you're decorating your space at work or freshening up your home office, you want to create a space that helps foster efficiency while still remaining comfortable and soothing. Here are some tips on finding the pieces that will combine a professional feeling with your personal style.

Your Office, Your Style:

  1. Your desk sets the mood for the rest of your office. Look for one that reflects your personal style. Desks constructed of dark wood have a more traditional feel, while lighter wood and other materials tend to feel more contemporary. Don't be afraid to mix materials as you create your office; a wooden desk with steel shelves would create an cool, industrial chic look. The desk you choose should provide plenty of work space; you don't want to feel crowded while working, so consider how large your computer is and whether or not you like to have papers and books near you while you work.

  2. Think about comfort when you choose your seating. You will be sitting in your office chair for extended periods of time, so you want to make sure it feels just as good as it looks. Check out ergonomic chairs, designed specifically to help your body stay in alignment while you work, diminishing unneeded stress on your joints and back.

  3. Art is a great way to brighten up your work space. Start by looking for art pieces from artists you admire or something that inspires you. Don't be afraid to hang your certifications, degrees, or awards on the walls. And remember, the art you use to decorate your workspace doesn't have to just be items you hang on your wall; a statue or sculpture can also be a lovely addition to office decor.

  4. Think of office accessories as your chance to let your personality really shine through. The accessories can be for decor only, but to really maximize your office space, look for functional accessories that have style. Desk organizers help keep your desk neat, and you can find them in fun finishes. File folders, notebooks, and pens can all be found in colors that reinforce your design scheme. Live plants are always a great idea in an office: Not only do they add a nice touch to any indoor area, but they also help remove toxins from the air.

  5. Even with a few large windows in your office, you'll most likely need some additional lighting. A floor lamp creates ambient light, and table lamps are good for task lighting. A lamp is a also great way to add a pop of color to an office; look for a sleek design with an oversized shade in a bright color for a modern office or a Tiffany-style lamp for a more traditional decor.

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