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Current Trends in Body Jewelry

by Maegan Crandall

Beautiful girl with a nose ring

A piece of body jewelry completely sets you apart from a crowd as someone adventurous and a person who knows what she likes. Fashion accessories exist to define our outfits and personalize the way we look. To choose the best body jewelry for your collection, it helps to know body jewelry and fashion jewelry trends. Consider these current trends in body jewelry when looking for ways to define your style.

Body Jewelry Trends:

  1. Body chains: For the woman who isn't quite ready to take the piercing plunge, body chains offer a sexy and stylish alternative to boring fashion jewelry. Belly chains have been popular for years, and new body chain styles are always being introduced. Some body chains are worn around the shoulders and across the stomach like a vest, while others are designed to decorate your legs or arms.

  2. Ear plugs: The term "ear plugs" no longer refers just to the foam inserts that help you sleep in a noisy hotel room. Trendy guys and girls who like a little edge in their fashion are stretching their ear piercings to hold small discs. These fun pieces of body jewelry may be made of metal, rubber or wood.

  3. Lip rings: Lip rings have been making a strong showing among body jewelry trends in recent years. You can wear a circular ring in a lip piercing on the side of your lip or opt for a stud that sits below the lip in the labret position. Lip rings draw attention to your beautiful smile.

  4. Monroe piercings: Monroe piercings are modeled after Marilyn Monroe's famous mole. A Monroe piercing sits above the lip, between the lip and the cheekbone. In this piercing, wear a diamond, silver ball stud or gold ball stud to mimic the look of the sexy mole.

  5. Nose rings: Nose rings have long been culturally significant in many countries and are hugely popular in fashion right now. A nose stud worn in the cartilage, which is the side of the nose, is typically the most common, especially on women. Hoops are also popular. Septum piercings create a hole in the center of the nose, below the nostrils. A ring or bar in this piercing makes a bold statement.

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