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Common Questions about Bed Sheets

by Staff Writer

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Anyone looking to purchase new bed sheets is certain to have plenty of questions. From size to maintenance, there are all kinds of things to ask about sheets before making a decision. If you want to be a sheet expert before purchasing new bedding, take a look at the article below, where you will find answers to some common questions about bed sheets.

Questions about Sheets:

  1. My new mattress is thicker than my old one. Which sheets will fit it?
    Most new mattresses run 12 to 20 inches in depth, whether spring mattress or memory foam, and most new sheet sets are manufactured with deep pockets to accommodate these variations. Because of the elasticized corners on most fitted sheets, sheets with deeper sides will fit almost any mattress snugly, whether it is an older mattress or a newer one.

  2. What is meant by "EAG"?
    The designation EAG, or Extend A Grip, is a feature pertaining to the adaptation of skirting and other mattress coverings over the ends, sides, corners and top.

  3. Are designer sheets more durable than other sheets?
    You should purchase your sheets based on the thread count you are looking for, not solely on a brand name. Some designer sheets can cost thousands of dollars, yet they are no different than regular sheets for far less with the same thread count.

  4. How can I keep my sheets from pilling?
    "Pilling" is characteristic of all man-made fibers. Polyesters and acrylic fabrics tend to unravel with wear, and the loose threads collect on the surface. Natural fibers, such as linen and cotton, also pill, but the loose fibers are removed during washing. In order to minimize pilling, select a shorter wash time, load your washer loosely to minimize friction and use fabric softener.

  5. How do I remove wrinkles from my sheets?
    We are all short of time, so ironing anything can be irritating, especially sheets. In the 1990s, manufacturers started putting certain finishing agents on their fabrics to decrease wrinkling. If ironing your bedding is not an option, check the manufacturer's instructions on the product itself to be sure that you chose sheets that will remain as wrinkle-free as possible.

  6. Is it difficult to care for silk sheets?
    Not really. As a general rule, it is best to wash silk sheets on the gentle cycle, using a mild detergent. Rinse the sheets in cool water and tumble dry on a low setting. Silk bed sheets and garments resist wrinkling and also hang-dry beautifully. If the product information indicates that a fabric is washable, then it has most likely been washed before manufacturing to ensure that it is cut and finished to size. Make sure you follow the manufacturer's instructions on the care of silk sheets.

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