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Chandler Warnick

Chandler Warnick

Chandler Warnick specializes in content about home improvement, sports, the outdoors and books. He has been creating online content since 2010.

Guides by Chandler Warnick:

  1. Telescopes: Myths and Facts Amateur astronomy equipment ranges from telescopes that will barely fit in the back of a truck and expensive computerized navigation systems to inexpensive binoculars and basic star maps, with everything in between.

  2. Features Commonly Found on Treadmills Fitting exercise into your busy schedule can be a challenge. Treadmills make it easier to budget exercise into your day by allowing you to run or walk whenever you want.

  3. FAQs about Mattress Sets You spend a third of your life sleeping on a mattress, so choosing between different mattress sets is an important decision.

  4. Fitness Tips for the Office While office jobs can be rigorous in terms of mental fitness, physical fitness often suffers when you spend eight to ten hours a day behind a desk.

  5. Trends in Energy-Efficient Washers Most current innovations in the world of home appliances relate to efficiency, and clothes washers are no exception.

  6. Sheets: Luxury Weaves Changing your bedding, especially your sheets, is a great way to change the look of your bedroom as well as improve your night's rest. As you're looking for new sheets, think beyond color and thread count.

  7. Getting the Most for Your Money with Clearance Blankets Clearance blankets offer the top quality, fun styles, and brand names of standard blanket selections, but without the standard prices.

  8. Bed Skirts, Oversize Duvets, and Dust Ruffles: Which Is Best for You? Bed skirts aren't the only way to keep dust out from under your bed and conceal the items you have stored there.

  9. 5 Reasons for Installing Hardwood Flooring Hardwood floors can be a beneficial addition to your home in a number of different ways that make them well worth their price. What are five of those ways?

  10. Quick Facts about Egyptian Cotton Sheet Sets For years, the title "King of Cotton" has gone to Egyptian cotton, and Egyptian cotton sheet sets are, consequently, known for being of the finest quality.

  11. Essential Fly-Fishing Gear Fly-fishing has inspired a unique mixture of fly-fishing lore and fly-fishing gear. Every self-respecting fly fisherman has his or her own theories on how the time of day and the weather affect fish and just which fly design works best during different times of year.

  12. Comforter Cover Fact Sheet Comforter covers come in so many different colors, designs, and styles that it can be easy to say, "ah, forget it," and use your down comforter as is, but don't give up too fast.

  13. Best Uses for a Folding Chair While you may think of folding chairs as mass items used only for wedding receptions and conferences, they're actually very useful items to have around your home, apartment, or office.

  14. FAQs about Flannelette Sheets Flannelette sheets, commonly known as "flannel sheets" in the United States, are warm, fuzzy cotton bed sheets than are perfect for cool winter months, cold sleepers, and rustic decor.

  15. FAQs about Comforter Sets As with any purchase you make, asking a few important questions before you shop can help you make sure that a bed comforter set is right for you.

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Updated February 2, 2015