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Caring for Wooden Garden Furniture

by Lindsay Wilcox

Wood garden furniture dresses up garden area

You bought the perfect wood patio furniture for your backyard to ensure that every barbecue and party you hold is a success. When it comes to maintaining the quality of your wooden furniture, however, you may have a few questions. Whether you need to clean your wooden garden furniture of dirt and dust or polish up a few wooden garden benches for an upcoming get-together, the following suggestions will help you keep your garden furniture looking great for years to come. Read on for tips on caring for wooden garden furniture.

Wood Garden Furniture Care:

  1. Waterproof your wooden furniture before placing it on the patio. Protect your wooden garden chairs and benches from rain and snow by applying a waterproof coating, either a stain or sealant. Make sure to read the label carefully and choose a waterproofing solution that will protect your particular type of wood. To double the protection, buy waterproof covers you can slip over your wooden furniture when it is not being used.

  2. Wipe wooden furniture down regularly. If you use your wood garden furniture frequently, you'll want to clean it once a week or at least once a month. Use a dry cloth to remove dust and dirt from your furniture, especially wooden garden benches and chairs that are used often; wipe muddy garden furniture with a damp, soapy cloth and rinse it thoroughly. You can also use a wood cleaner on particularly dirty wood garden furniture.

  3. Keep your wooden furniture off the grass when you can. While guests will probably pull your wooden garden chairs and benches onto the lawn to relax and chat at a casual barbecue, you'll want to store your furniture on the patio or in an outdoor shed when it is not in use. The legs of your wooden garden table, as well as the legs of benches and chairs, can absorb too much moisture from the ground and rot more quickly than the rest of the wood. To prevent this from happening, place the legs of your wooden garden table and chairs into bowls of wood preservative and leave them for a few hours to make sure they are evenly covered.

  4. Consider the effects your environment has on wooden furniture. Sun can damage your wood patio furniture and garden furniture just as much as rain and snow, so be sure to keep your benches and tables out of direct sunlight to avoid fading the colors. You'll also want to keep an eye on wooden outdoor furniture that sits next to a pool, as chlorine can damage the finish on your favorite chairs over time. To prevent this, spray all chairs, benches, tables and other wooden outdoor furniture near the pool area with a hose weekly. Make sure to dry all the pieces thoroughly with a towel.

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