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Car Accessories Buying Guide



Improving the appearance of your car means so much more than merely washing it regularly, just as keeping your car running well means more than filling it with gas. To really maximize the look and feel of your car or truck, you need car accessories. An online garage and automotive store can provide easy, inexpensive ways to enhance your car and keep it in top condition. Adding accessories inside and out can add comfort, increase style, and improve functionality. This buying guide is designed to help you evaluate the different options available, so you can choose the car accessories you'll want to take on the road with you.

Interior Car Accessories:

  1. Car seat covers: New seat covers will increase the comfort and style of your car. You can choose seat covers that add padding if you need more cushion; padded seat covers are a great addition for older cars. Seat covers made of a cool fabric, like neoprene or polyurethane, will regulate the temperature of your car seats on a hot day. You can also give your car a unique look with car seat covers that reflect your interests, such as the logo of your favorite sports team or a bold print.

  2. Floor mats: Your car interior is designed to withstand a lot of abuse, but you can add an extra layer of protection and customization to the interior of your car with floor mats. Floor mats keep the factory-installed carpet from being ruined by dirt that may be on your shoes. They can be simple fabric replacement car mats or durable rubber car mats designed to trap dirt. If you're most interested in customizing the look of your car, you can find car floor mats in striking designs and with decals of your favorite sports teams or cartoon characters, which makes floor mats one of the simplest ways to personalize your car.

  3. Air fresheners: Car air fresheners come in a variety of scents and designs. If you just want something simple that will make your car smell great, am air freshener that hangs from your mirror will work. For car air fresheners that you can smell but can't see, try out scented sprays designed specifically for cars, canisters that can be hidden under the seat, or diffusers that can be hidden under the console.

  4. Car adapters: Car power adapters plug into the power socket in your car and then allow you to plug in a number of different electronics. With a car power converter, you can plug in a phone charger, a DVD player, or even a laptop, so you can enjoy your electronics even when you're not at home.

  5. Steering wheel covers: For a car accessory you can wrap your hands around, try a steering wheel cover made of materials that give you a better grip. Steering wheel covers are also available in lots of fun designs.

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