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Canon Camera Highlights

by Paul Sanders


When you think of digital cameras, Canon may be one of the first brand names that comes to mind. If you get into photography, you'll soon see that Canon cameras and photo accessories are some of the best in the industry. Here are some of the features that make them so popular.

Canon Digital Cameras:

  1. Comfortable grip: You may not need to worry much about how comfortable a compact Canon point-and-shoot camera feels in your hand, but when you move up to a 7-pound Canon digital SLR, a rubberized grip can make a huge difference to the control you have over your shots. Canon digital cameras have gotten the ergonomics of shooting just right.

  2. Easy picture modes: Canon has worked hard to produce intuitive menus to help even novice photographers take advantage of the advanced capabilities of their digital cameras. You can adjust the white balance or lens aperture on your Canon digital camera with the touch of a button, using the LCD viewfinder to adjust settings. It has never been easier to get advanced photo effects, like soft focus, artificial filter effects, and even certain video effects.

  3. HD video support: The beauty of Canon digital cameras is their high resolution and quality, which they maintain even while recording video. With the right Canon digital SLR, you can capture crystal clear video in 1080p high-definition format. You can adjust the resolution and the frame-rate and even make adjustments on the fly. With Canon, HD video is within your reach.

  4. Continuous shooting ability: Many serious photographers demand rapid-fire shooting to capture the perfect picture. Canon digital cameras can offer continuous shooting of up to six high-quality frames or more per second. No matter how fast the action is, you will be sure to capture the ideal image.

  5. Wireless flash: A Canon camera with wireless flash compatibility will allow you to synchronize your flashes remotely. That means you won't need cumbersome wires to ensure that your lighting and shutter are in sync. Canon technology just keeps getting more impressive.

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