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Buying Gifts for Music Lovers

by Staff Writer

Music lover listening to her favorite song on an mp3 player

It's true. Today's music scene is incredibly diverse, and many Generation Y members enjoy listening to everything they can. These audiophiles are usually easy to spot because they are surrounded by loud music whenever possible. They simply can't stop listening to music, which makes gift buying particularly easy. This guide should give you some helpful tips on buying gifts for music lovers.

Gifts for Music Lovers:

  1. Identifying music lovers: Your gift recipients are music lovers if they know the bands you used to listen to as well as the bands with an album that just came out last Tuesday; think wearing a band T-shirt is dressing up; have been mistaken for a rock star on the street because of their hair, tattoos or clothes; or plan vacations around where their favorite bands are playing shows.

  2. MP3 players and iPods: Music lovers want their music around all the time, so MP3 players and iPods that let them carry around their music library are important. Accessories like docks and skins are also appreciated.

  3. Music: You can't go wrong by adding to a music lover's CD collection. If you aren't sure which new music they prefer, try giving something you loved "back in the day." A true music lover will like the history lesson. From rock 'n' roll legends like Chuck Berry and Buddy Holly to their modern rock and pop counterparts, such as Jewel and Melissa Etheridge, there are plenty of excellent gift-giving options among CDs.

  4. Books: Biographies of musicians, histories of popular culture and essay collections by music critics give your music lover the brain food he or she needs. Maybe your music lover is a budding musician. In that case, pick up sheet music books so your music lover can learn to play their favorite artist's songs.

  5. Art: A music lover is an appreciator of creativity, so wall art would make a perfect gift. You may even be able to track down a poster or piece of art that relates to the gift receiver's favorite musician or band.

  6. Cool clothing: Music lovers prefer dressing like their favorite musicians, and they need the right clothing to wear to concerts. You also can't go wrong by giving a great pair of jeans.

  7. Car audio: Let your music lover hit the road with his music by upgrading his factory car audio to something that will let him enjoy his tunes.

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