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Best Ways to Celebrate National No Housework Day



April 7 is National No Housework Day. Is there a better way to celebrate a lovely spring day in the middle of spring cleaning season than to ignore some chores? It's a great excuse to neglect the dishes and let the clothes pile up -- for 24 hours. Plus, you also get some extra free time. So indulge in some beauty treatments, relax with your favorite hobby, or go for a longer morning run. Whatever you choose, make sure to enjoy just being home for a few hours without checking off a daily to-do list. Here are a few ways to celebrate a day without housework.

No Chores Allowed:

  1. Trade places. Who is doing the housework -- you, your spouse, or your kids? Switch places for that one day to allow that person a day off from housecleaning. It lets them know just how much everyone appreciates them.

  2. Prepare to be pampered. Give yourself a day, or at least an evening, of rest and relaxation. Make it a spa day with some new skin-care treatments you've been meaning to try. Practice your yoga, or do the unthinkable and take an afternoon nap. If you think you'll get cabin fever by staying in too many hours, book a massage or a mani-pedi at your favorite spot.

  3. Take time to play a little. The night before your chore-free day, get out the gear for your favorite hobby or pastime, so it will be ready in the morning. It will be a reminder that this day is for you, not a day to fix all the little things about the house. Catch up on your scrapbooking, read that new book, or have a movie marathon. No Housework Day takes place during early spring, so it is a good time to dig out your sports equipment and start practicing for summer. Will you ditch the ironing for a game of tennis? Why not?

  4. Ignore the dishes, too. Order in your favorite takeout and have a casual dinner without worrying about the cleanup. Add some easy-to-eat finger food and have a family picnic in front of the TV. Then have a carefree evening sans dirty pots and pans.

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