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Best Valentine's Gifts: Purses

by Andrea Sparks

Attractive tan leather oversized purse

You want to give her a Valentine's Day gift she'll remember this year. Have you thought of purses? Go beyond chocolates and teddy bears; a chic handbag will make her smile this Valentine's Day. Women carry purses with them nearly everywhere they go, and a purse is one of the most noticeable, fashion-forward accessories in her wardrobe. Chances are there's a handbag she's been coveting for months. Look for handbags to give this year and give her the gift of chic fashion, handy function and something to carry with her all through the year.

Giving Purses for Valentine's Day:

  1. Color and style: Red and pink are the iconic colors of Valentine's Day, and a deep oxblood red or hot pink handbag will add a fun pop of color to her wardrobe. Black and brown leather bags are always classic and a staple accessory. If she has a favorite color, look for bags in purple, green, yellow or whatever color she loves. You can even look for handbags in chic patterns and fun designs to give for the holiday. Hobo bags are trendy and stylish, and a satchel with plenty of pockets is packed with both style and storage for all her necessities.

  2. Usefulness: If you want to give her a purse she'll get plenty of use out of, think about what she needs on a daily basis. Is she a business woman who needs something practical for the office? Consider buying her a briefcase or a chic leather tote. If she loves to spend her days shopping and meeting friends for lunch, a trendy hobo bag or satchel in a bright color makes the perfect Valentine's Day gift. For the mom who needs a bag with lots of space, consider an oversized tote or shopper bag. If she loves to go out in the evening, a pretty metallic clutch is perfect.

  3. Think designer: The most coveted bags are most often designer handbags. If you really want to impress your wife or girlfriend this Valentine's Day, consider giving her a designer handbag as a Valentine's gift. Look for designs from her favorite designer or pick up one of the season's hottest new purses from a top designer.

  4. Fill it up: Make the gift of a handbag more meaningful by filling it up with candy, accessories or even small tokens of your relationship. Purchase a matching coin purse, compact, clutch and cell phone case to put inside the purse. She'll love having all the right purse accessories to go with her new handbag. You can even transform the purse into a cute Valentine's gift basket. Add a picture frame and chocolates or a luxurious bath set for a fun, romantic Valentine's Day gift she'll appreciate and remember.

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