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Best Styles in Anniversary Rings

by Yu Qing

Couple enjoying their anniversary

Each anniversary is an opportunity to celebrate your relationship and show each other you care. Anniversary jewelry gifts can be personal, romantic and special, whether given on a big wedding anniversary or an important relationship date. When you are shopping for anniversary gifts, consider anniversary rings that highlight the beautiful parts of your marriage. Anniversary gifts in the jewelry category are personal, so select rings that your partner will cherish and want to wear on a regular basis. Anniversary jewelry often incorporates symbolism to set these pieces apart from other rings. Choose an anniversary ring that best represents the qualities of your relationship.

Anniversary Ring Styles:

  1. Eternity band: An eternity band ring has diamonds around the entire outside. The unbroken circle of sparkling gems in this diamond anniversary ring symbolizes eternal love. Eternity band diamond rings are meaningful and stylish anniversary jewelry choices. Choose this ring for an important anniversary, such as the 10th or 20th wedding anniversary or the anniversary of the day you met or decided to commit to one another. Eternal band diamond rings are good choices, and cubic zirconia rings and rings with beautiful colored gemstones are also gorgeous.

  2. Three-stone ring: A three-stone ring is a lovely piece of jewelry with three stones to represent the past, present and future of a relationship. It is also sometimes called a trinity or trilogy ring. Diamond anniversary rings with three stones can remind your partner of your past, present and future commitment, making this anniversary gift very significant.

  3. Gemstone rings: Gemstone rings are good choices for anniversaries because they are unique and meaningful. Gemstones can be very symbolic. The ruby, for example, represents love, health and passion, and the aquamarine is believed to bring a woman luck in marriage. Choose a gemstone ring that incorporates your partner's birthstone for a piece of jewelry that is truly meaningful.

  4. Right-hand ring: A right-hand ring celebrates a woman's individuality and gives her the chance to express her style. Give your wife or girlfriend a right-hand ring to show your appreciation of her personal qualities. Consider her taste when you purchase a right-hand ring, selecting one that will suit her fashion and jewelry choices. A woman who appreciates a minimalist look, for example, may prefer a single solitaire ring, while someone with a more extravagant style might like a large cocktail ring.

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