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Best Rooms for a Computer Armoire:

by Jessica Gezon

Computer armoire with books and CDs

If you have a home office you know that computer armoires are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture available. Ideal not only as home office furniture, they can also be used to organize media collections, stockpile craft supplies and yes, house a computer and the associated gear necessary for a satisfying home office experience. Don't limit yourself by thinking of a computer armoire only as a glorified desk; consider putting armoires to more creative uses in every room in your home.

Placing a Computer Armoire:

  1. Kitchen: An armoire can double as a mini pantry or act as a separate cooking station. Keep all your baking supplies, like cupcake tins and vanilla, in one place so you can bake on whim or keep spices and seasonings within easy reach by alphabetizing them in convenient cubby holes.

  2. Office: Computer armoires are popular in offices because they're practical, attractive and easy to use. Tuck your computer out of the way when it's not in use and keep the printer, cables and other accessories close at hand.

  3. Craft room: A new use for computer armoires is to put them in a craft room and stock them with supplies. The shelves and cabinets are perfect for organizing fabric, yarn, paper and even things like glitter and other embellishments. Keep your crafting contained without cramping your style!

  4. Bedroom: Armoires have always been popular in bedrooms. They're a great place to store extra blankets and pillows, and there are armoires not specifically designed for computers that are great for clothing.

  5. Family room: A computer armoire in the family room can house a computer, but that computer can act as so much more. Stream TV shows; watch instant movies; even play video games as a family. Then tuck everything safely out of sight. Use bottom cabinets to hold board games and other family-friendly activities.

  6. Bathroom: The bathroom might seem like an unlikely place for a computer armoire, but if you find one that fits, you've added valuable storage space to an otherwise barren room. Keep fresh towels, toilet paper and even cleaning supplies out of sight until they're needed, but know they're within reach when you need them.

  7. Playroom: Put one in a kid's bedroom or playroom and keep the clutter to a minimum by hiding toys, games and stuffed animals behind closed armoire doors. You help your kids learn to put things away as they use them and encourage them to keep their own areas tidy.

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