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Best Reasons to Use Tripods for Digital Photography

by Paul Sanders

Woman using a camera and tripod on the seashore

Whether you are a professional photographer or a hobbyist, you are probably always searching for ways to get that perfect shot. The right photo accessories can go a long way to helping you push the limits of your photographic skills. Tripods are one of the most basic accessories to include in with your gear. And depending on the type of photography you are into, your requirements for a camera tripod may vary. Here are a few points on the plus side of using tripods.

Best Reasons to Use a Tripod:

  1. Save your arms: If you are planning on shooting for an extended period of time, either with a digital camera or a camcorder, tripods can hold the camera at the ready. A SLR camera with a telephoto lens can be on the heavy side, which will feel even heavier after hours of taking photographs; so using tripods can really take the strain off your upper arms and shoulders.

  2. Steady your shot: No matter how steady your grip may be, it is not as steady as a tripod that is sitting on a solid surface. Flexing tripods can use nearly any surface, such as a railing or chain-link fence, to hold your camcorder or camera steady. Avoid motion blur in your shots and cut out camera-shake when shooting video by always using a tripod to steady your shot.

  3. Protect your gear: You camera will be much steadier if it is attached to a tripod instead of resting on a wall or balanced on your knee. All it takes is getting jostled or losing your balance to bump or drop your camera. Tripods are definitely worth using to avoid scratched, cracked or broken lenses.

  4. Time-lapse photography: If you are doing time-lapse photos or video, it is just impractical not to use a tripod. Tripods will keep cameras steady for hours while you capture some impressive images.

  5. Auto shots: Manufacturers include timers on their cameras for a reason. A mini tripod can be just the thing you need to get out from behind the camera and into the shot for once.

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