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Best Reasons to Use a Samsung Widescreen Monitor

by Paul Sanders

River scene on a Samsung widescreen monitor

The right computer monitor can make a world of difference to your computer. Samsung LCD monitors are leading the industry in picture quality and image processing. And adding a widescreen LCD monitor to your computer setup may be just the thing to make your workstation into a multimedia entertainment and productivity center. Here are some of the best reasons to upgrade from your old CRT or LCD monitor to a Samsung widescreen monitor.

Samsung Widescreen Monitors:

  1. It is perfect for home theater PCs: Adding a Samsung widescreen monitor to a home theater computer will provide you with stunning color and minimal motion-blur when you're watching movies and TV or playing games.

  2. Widescreen is ideal for movies: Watching a film in the old 4:3 aspect ratio simply doesn't compare to the full letterbox version on a 16:9 ratio Samsung widescreen monitor. If your monitor uses the 4:3 ratio, the original image is enlarged and parts of the image may be cropped off. On a widescreen, you get the original theatrical version as it was meant to be seen.

  3. HD capability: Streaming videos, TV and movies in high definition won't pay off without a Samsung widescreen monitor capable of displaying the content in full 1080p resolution. Samsung widescreen monitors are HD capable and ready to display Blu-rays and streaming video with amazing clarity and detail.

  4. Connect to multiple devices: In addition to your computer, you may already have a good number of peripheral devices that you'll want to connect to your monitor. Samsung widescreen monitors are equipped with multiple connection options, including DVI and HDMI ports for high-definition devices like Blu-ray players and game consoles. With those connection options, your computer station can become your entire entertainment center.

  5. Create the ultimate gaming station: There's nothing quite as immersive for a gamer as having the intense graphics and special effects of your favorite games come to life on a large Samsung widescreen monitor. The high contrast ratio and superior image processing will reproduce the most realistic and detailed worlds that your gaming machines are capable of.

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