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Best Reasons to Buy Handmade Rugs



Rugs are an easy way to freshen up your home decor, and they can certainly help turn a bland abode into a cozy home. Choosing the right one for your living room, however, is just as important of a decision as choosing the right paint and furniture for the room. You want something that both looks good and holds up through the years, and handmade rugs will do just that. If you're considering buying an area rug or two for your own home, these benefits may just convince you to choose handmade.

Handmade Rug Benefits:

  1. Higher quality: By nature, handmade rugs are of higher quality than their machine-made counterparts. The fibers and threads of the rugs are typically woven or knotted by hand, ensuring quality throughout the product and eliminating weak spots in the fabric. The materials used are generally of higher quality as well and often include wool, silk, and jute. These materials resist wear better than artificial materials, so your area rug lasts longer in your home.

  2. Distinctive design: The traditional designs used in making rugs can range from elaborate and bright to subdued and natural, but the nature of handmade rugs gives each one a distinctive design. When something is entirely handcrafted, it is extremely difficult to replicate an exact pattern, but this is a large part of the appeal of these products. For this reason, a handmade rug is a truly unique addition to you home.

  3. Local heritage: Rug making is a traditional craft in many cultures. In a contemporary market, ancient traditions are kept alive through the art of weaving. Whether you choose a Persian rug or one handmade in South America, you are supporting the local heritage by keeping weaving arts alive and in demand. In addition, the beautiful diversity of handmade rugs from throughout the world adds a culturally rich element to your home decor.

  4. Eco-friendly options: Because handmade rugs are typically created using age-old methods, their craftsmanship is often, by default, eco-friendly. Most handmade rugs are made with natural materials, like wool and jute, and dyes that have less of an impact on the environment than their mass-produced counterparts. In addition, traditional weaving usually relies on local materials that are easily found, putting an emphasis on local sustainability that ultimately leads to a more eco-friendly products.

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