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Best Reasons to Buy Firm Baby Crib Mattresses

by Andrea Sparks

Smiling baby on a baby crib mattress

When you're shopping for baby crib mattresses, safety should always come first. A soft mattress may make sleeping more comfortable for you, but the same could be hazardous, even deadly, for your infant. Baby crib mattresses should be firm -- as firm as possible -- to keep your little one safe during the night or daytime naps. You may be tempted towards the soft baby crib mattresses for your child, thinking that he'll be more comfortable. Babies, however, don't need the same joint support as adults, but they do need baby crib mattresses that reduce the risk of harm from their baby furniture while they sleep. There are many reasons to buy a firm baby mattress, and the following tips can help you determine what to look for.

Buying a Firm Baby Crib Mattress:

  1. Safety: First and foremost, firm baby crib mattresses are the safest for your baby. The firmer the baby crib mattress, the better. SIDS is the number one danger to sleeping children, and having firm baby crib mattresses reduces the risk of suffocation. Soft baby crib mattresses can cause your baby's face to sink into the mattress if he turns over on his stomach. Firm baby crib mattresses, on the other hand, will keep his face from sinking in and allow him to still get plenty of air in the event he gets turned over in his sleep.

  2. Fit: Baby crib mattresses should fit snugly in your crib with no gaps between the mattress and the slats. A firm baby crib mattress will maintain this snug fit and will create a rigid edge to protect your baby. With soft baby crib mattresses, the edges of the mattress could have enough give to enable your baby to get trapped between the mattress and the crib slats. Firm baby crib mattresses will have less give, reducing the risk to your baby.

  3. Positioning: Babies should be laid on their backs to sleep. This helps prevent suffocation and can even help reduce acid reflux in infants. Firm baby crib mattresses should help your baby maintain a position on his back while he's sleeping. Since firm baby crib mattresses have very little give, it's harder for babies to roll onto their sides or stomachs.

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