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Best Reasons for Choosing Quilts

by Amanda Mears

Lovely quilt on bed

If finding the right blanket for your bedroom is giving you a major headache, look no further than a classic quilt to solve your bedding woes. No matter which style you embrace, a quilt can fit into your current decor and offer a unique look that won't need replacing any time soon. From children's quilts to patchwork quilts, when you pick a quilt as your bedding choice, you can't go wrong.

Benefits of Quilts:

  1. Quilts are timeless classics that will last for years. Unlike other duvets and comforters, a quilt will never go out of style. Handed down from generation to generation, quilts are often thought of as heirlooms. When you purchase a quilt, you'll get the look of an authentic antique quilt at a discount price.

  2. They make great personalized gifts. Since quilts can be made to reflect almost any interest, choosing a quilt means you can pick out something unique to give as a gift. Try giving a quilt as a baby gift or wrapping one up for a housewarming present. You'll find quilts are a thoughtful gift that can be treasured for years.

  3. Quilts are easy to dress up or down. Patchwork quilts lend a cozy feel to any room of the house, while solid, embroidered quilts can be paired with beaded accent pillows for a more elegant look. Whether you dream of a cabin in the woods or a pristine urban dwelling, quilts can be utilized in a variety of styles.

  4. Quilts get better with age. Like a great pair of jeans, quilts look and feel even better with wear. Don't be afraid of bringing your quilt along on picnics and tossing it in the washing machine after; it only adds character.

  5. A quilt can be a conversation piece. Although it makes a statement all on its own, when hung from a wall or used as a display, a quilt becomes an instant masterpiece. Like any work of art, a quilt can also become a collector's item. Since they come in such a wide variety of styles, you'll be able to showcase your interests, hobbies and personal style when you choose to buy quilts.

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