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Best Places to Take Your Dog


Pamper your pooch this weekend with a special day just for your dog. You'll both enjoy the chance to get out of the house and hit up someplace new. You can mingle with other dog owners while your dog gets to meet new friends, too, or take a day just for the two of you to do some serious bonding. These ideas will help you choose the perfect place and the perfect pet travel supplies for taking your dog out for a day of play.

Top Doggy Destinations:

  1. A day at the park: Dog parks are cropping up all over the place, especially in the city, where there's little open space. A day at the doggy park can help your pup feel the call of the wild in the middle of the concrete jungle. Plus, a chance to get off his leash and mingle with other dogs will surely incite some happy tail wagging.

  2. Doggie play date: Does your neighbor down the street have a dog your pup loves to see when you cross paths on your morning walk? Why not set up a play date? Dogs love to interact with other dogs, and finding a non-aggressive playmate is a great way to give your dog his own special day.

  3. Happy trails: Many large parks and natural areas have dog-friendly trails to give you a break from your normal neighborhood walking routine. Dogs love the outdoors, and the new sights and sounds of a trail are sure to keep your dog captivated. Make sure to have a good leash and harness set to keep your pup close as you explore the great outdoors.

  4. Splish-splash: Just about every dog loves water, and many cities are responding and installing dog-friendly ponds and streams. Give your pup a break from hot weather with a visit to the doggie pond where he can splash through the water after sticks to his delight. If your city doesn't have dog-friendly waterways, fill up a kiddie pool in the back yard and let him have at it.

  5. Hit the road: Take a road trip with your dog. You'll both get to enjoy new sights, and he'll have hours and hours to hang his head out the car window. Whether you stay in a hotel or decide to camp out, you'll want to make sure your accommodations are pet-friendly before you arrive. Stock up on doggie treats and other pet supplies, and bring along his favorite toys for a pet vacation your dog will never forget. You can read more about traveling with your pet in our guide.

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