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Best Places for a Cat Tree

by Staff Writer

Tall cat tree scratching post

If your cat needs a place to call his own, a cat tree may be just the ticket. With a cat tree, you can give your precious kitty a place to lounge, play and hide. Every cat loves a personal roosting place, and cat trees are the ultimate in pet homes. If you have a cat tree or are looking to purchase one but don't know where to put in your home, take a look below. This article should help you learn the best places for a cat tree.

Best Cat Tree Placement:

  1. Bedroom: If you have a spacious bedroom, why not share it with your feline companion? Your bedroom is the perfect place for a cat tree. By placing a cat tree in your bedroom, you'll increase the chances of your cat spending the night asleep in your room rather than pawing at your door.

  2. Laundry room: Give your cat a place to hide away from high-traffic areas by placing a cat tree in your laundry room. Laundry rooms don't see a lot of visitors, so if your cat enjoys her privacy, she will love having her cat tree there to retire to.

  3. Garage: Outdoor cats need a safe, warm and clean place to rest when they're done roaming the wilderness for the day. If you have room in your garage, it can be an excellent place for a cat tree. Just make sure to place the cat tree in an area of the garage where it's safe from cars, bikes and handiwork.

  4. Living room: If you have a social cat, he may enjoy having his cat tree placed in the living room. A benefit of having a cat tree in your living room is that you can keep an eye on your cat during daytime hours, when he could be getting into mischief elsewhere.

  5. Bathroom: Cat trees can fit well in bathrooms, especially if that's where you keep your cat's litter box. By placing a cat tree near the litter box, you'll create a personal apartment for your cat.

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