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Best Home Gym Machines for Strength Training


The strength training portion of your workout allows you to focus on building muscles. When your muscles are in shape, your lean muscle will burn fat even while you rest, you'll be able to perform better as an athlete, you'll reduce pain and risk of injury, and you'll reduce your risk of developing many diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, and osteoporosis. With all of those amazing benefits, you'll want to this exercise equipment to your fitness routine.

Best Strength Training Machines:

  1. Weights: No home gym is complete without a few weights. Weight training helps you work on your strength, and there are weights to work each of your muscle groups. You can add hand weights or leg weights to your cardio workout to increase the resistance or use the weights separately. While a dumbbell rack is very versatile, a weight machine gives you even more options for weight training. You can choose between weight-training machines with stacked weights or elastic bands to create resistance. You can also decide if you want a weight machine with a few stations, so multiple people can use it at once. Weight machines that can fold up for easy storage are also available. Here are a few features to look for in a weight machine.

    Weight Machine Features to Look for:

    • An adjustable bench to accommodate all who will use the weight machine

    • A variety of exercises, so you can work each muscle group

    • Enough weight to give you the workout you want

  2. Rowing machines: Designed to mimic the motions of rowing oars on a boat, a rowing machine will give you a cardio and strength training workout. This is a full-body workout that will increase muscle tone in your back, arms, legs, and core. The workout intensity of a row machine is appreciated by people who are serious about getting in shape. The main difference you'll find between different rowing machines is the resistance that simulates oars going through water. Some row machines use a combination of these methods.

    Types of Rowing Machines:

    • Hydraulic piston: Pistons are the least expensive method, but new models allow for a smooth, natural movement.

    • Air: Air pressure creates resistance. This type of rowing machine is the most common. It is very durable but can be more expensive.

    • Magnetic: The quietest rowing machine, the magnetic row machine, does not use a flywheel. It is also very smooth.

    • Water: A flywheel in water gives a realistic rowing feeling. This can be somewhat noisy, but many people find the water sound to be soothing.

  3. Abdominal machines: An ab machine lets you focus on the muscles in the center of your stomach and on the sides. Although the movements are similar to sit-ups or crunches, an ab machine adds resistance to increase the effectiveness of each move. An ab machine should be adjustable to your body size to avoid injuries. One thing to remember is that it will not decrease the fat on your stomach, but it will help tone muscles. You need to combine it with a cardio workout to burn the fat.

  4. Pilates exercise equipment: These help you perform a Pilates workout with the precision that Joseph Pilates intended. If you need to add flexibility training to your workout, the stretching you'll do with Pilates exercise equipment will be a great addition to your home gym. You can also add strength training and core training to your workout with Pilates exercise equipment.

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