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Best Gift Ideas for Wives



You know her better than anyone else does, so the presents you give your wife should show how special she is to you. Whether it's her birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, your wedding anniversary, or just a day you want her to know you love her, a simple math equation will help you find the perfect gift for you wife. The secret is to add one gift to another, and it will equal a gift that she'll never forget.

Perfectly Paired Gifts for Her:

  1. Jewelry + chocolate: You can't go wrong with something that sparkles, and adding something sweet will take this gift to a new level. When you're shopping for jewelry, think about her style: Does she love wearing rings? Does she prefer to accessorize with bracelets? When in doubt, get something with diamonds. As for the treat, simply pick out her favorite candy or cookies, and wrap it with the jewelry.

  2. Perfume + lingerie: Bring on the romance with this gift combination. When you're shopping for a perfume, look for her favorite or try a fragrance by her favorite designer or fashion brand. Shopping for lingerie can be trickier: Be sure to consider her style and comfort level. If she's most comfortable in a fluffy robe, you may not want to choose anything too revealing, but if she loves to lounge in lace, you can try something a little more playful.

  3. Flowers + cashmere: A bouquet of fresh flowers is the perfect gift for many occasions, but when you want to do something extra special for your wife, just add cashmere. Combine a dozen roses and a sweater, or pair a bouquet of orchids and a cashmere scarf. This is a gift combination that will let her know how beautiful you think she is.

  4. Throw blanket + a book by her favorite author: Show your gratitude for everything your wife does for you and your family with a gift designed to help her relax. She's earned some time to herself where she can curl up under a luxurious throw blanket and enjoy a good book. Choose a throw in her favorite color or look for one made of faux fur. For the book, choose a nice hardcover book in a series she likes, or find a memoir by one of her favorite celebrities or role models. Then make sure she has some time to enjoy this gift.

  5. A stand mixer + an apron: This isn't a gift for every wife, but if your wife is happiest when she has time to bake up something delicious, give her a gift that makes sure she can do it in style. No kitchen appliance is more coveted than a brightly colored stand mixer, and when she has a fun apron to go with it, she'll feel like the queen of her castle.

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