Best Gift Ideas for Husbands



Even if you have been married for years, you might still scratch your head and draw a blank when trying to come up with gifts for your husband. Men can be hard to shop for, but just remember that the best gifts show that you appreciate their tastes and understand their interests. These gift ideas would work for birthdays, holidays, Father's Day, or any other time you want to show him how much he means to you.

Buying Gifts for Husbands:

  1. For the guy who loves watching sports: If your husband lives for game day, the best gifts will help him get the most out of cheering on his favorite teams. If he usually catches the game on TV, make sure your television is big enough for him to fully enjoy the experience; read our guide on finding the right size TV to see if you could go bigger. If he prefers going to the games, get him tailgating gear, like a portable barbeque. He may also like some fan gear for all the times when he's waiting for the next game.

  2. For the guy who loves electronics: Some guys geek out on the latest gadgets, and if you're married to one of them, make sure to indulge him in the latest versions. The most recent tablet computer, a high-tech set of headphones, or a universal remote control would keep him up-to-date with technology.

  3. For the guy who loves to eat: Whether your husband loves to man the grill or prefers to sample someone else's culinary skills, you can find gifts that please his palette. Consider your husband's favorite dishes and find a gift idea that goes with those. Choose a food gift basket that features his favorites, whether it's something salty or sweet. Or get him a food-of-the-month subscription; they're available for things like hot sauce, wine, dessert, and more, so there is sure to be one he'll love.

  4. For the guy who loves spending time with his friends: Give him a place to get together with the guys. Create a hang-out zone with a foosball table, a beer fridge, and a popcorn popper; any one of those would make a great gift on their own, but all together, this is a gift to remember. If you're thinking of doing something on a smaller scale, get him a video game console and a few games he can play with a group.

  5. For the guy with style: If he is always sharply dressed and appreciates the details, get him a gift that supports his fashion habit. A nice watch, a set of cuff links, or a pair of stylish shoes will make his day special, and you'll get to enjoy looking at him when he's all dressed up.

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