Best Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List



The holiday season is your opportunity to show friends and family how much you love them -- and how well you know them. Some people panic when gift-giving season comes around again, while others enjoy looking for the perfect gift for everyone on their list. No matter what your gift shopping style is, it's important to choose gifts carefully. Use these ideas when you are holiday shopping for your wife, husband, mom, dad, best friend, son, or daughter.

Gift Ideas for Everyone:

  1. For your wife or girlfriend: Jewelry, fragrances, and hobbies. Choosing the best gifts for the number one woman in your life should be a thoughtful process. Look to her personal style when considering jewelry and other accessories as gifts. Perfume is always a romantic holiday gift idea, and fragrance sets are perfect for a woman of any age. Indulge her hobbies to really impress her. Crafting supplies, sports equipment, and kitchen essentials are great gifts for creative and active women.

  2. For your husband or boyfriend: Media, electronics, and leisure activities. To find gifts that will impress your boyfriend or husband, consider how he spends his free time. Books, DVDs, and CDs will help him unwind after a long day. The latest electronics are always among the best gifts for men. This year, the gift to give is a tablet PC. Look to his favorite leisure activities to choose gifts that will be loved. Golf clubs, bikes, and pet accessories are great holiday gift ideas for men.

  3. For your mom: Appliances, jewelry, and luggage. Gift shopping for Mom can put some people over the edge. You want to choose something thoughtful, but it often seems like Mom simply has everything she needs. Appliances are always a safe bet for the mom who hasn't updated her kitchen in awhile; single-cup coffee makers are a hot gift this year, and a mom who is pressed for time in the morning would love one. Jewelry is a classic gift for moms; you could assemble a charm bracelet for her with a charm representing each of her kids. New luggage will encourage her to finally take that dream vacation.

  4. For your dad: Watches, outdoor equipment, and books. Dad keeps up an active lifestyle and he wants you to join him on all his adventures. A sports watch will help him manage his time between the office and the golf course. Camping equipment or fishing gear will update his collection and make family camping trips more comfortable and more fun. The right books will help dad relax on a lazy Sunday afternoon; many dads would enjoy the latest political thriller or a biography.

  5. For your best friend: Gift baskets, handbags, and crafts. For the person who has always been there for you, choose a gift from the heart. Gift baskets filled with gourmet food and beauty products make her feel pampered. No one knows her style better than you, so put that to use and choose a new handbag for her. Or you could make something that is exactly her style, like a necklace made of beads in her favorite color.

  6. For your teenagers: Electronics, clothing, movies, and games. Most teenagers would love to get the latest electronics, particularly a new cell phone, MP3 player or digital camera. When it comes to teen girls' clothing, be sure to shop in the juniors' department, so you know the sizes and styles are meant for her. Boys and girls alike would like DVDs and video games, especially ones they can watch and play with their friends.

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