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Best Features of Quality Coloring Books

by Paul Sanders

Small kid drawing in a coloring book

For children, play is a creative learning process, and you can use children's books to help them explore their creativity. Instead of reading someone else's stories and illustrations, kids get to customize coloring books with their own colors and additional drawings. Here are a few features to look for in coloring books for kids that can translate into hours of fun.

Best Coloring Book Features:

  1. Detailed coloring pages: Depending on their age and dexterity, you'll want different levels of detail for your kids' coloring books. Older children will enjoy illustrating more challenging scenes and characters. Don't worry too much about choosing books above their level, though; coloring books are meant to be scribbled on, and going outside the lines is fine.

  2. Favorite characters: Kids will love drawing in nearly any coloring books, but they may become more engaged in characters whose stories they already know. Try searching for coloring books featuring characters from their favorite movies, TV shows and video games.

  3. Puzzles and word games: Coloring books for kids often feature crossword puzzles, word searches, riddles and jokes mixed in with the coloring pages. Coloring books with puzzles can help kids develop their spelling and pattern recognition skills in a children's book that is specifically designed for them.

  4. Educational facts: Kids can learn more about plants, animals and history with educationally themed coloring books. Check for coloring books with subject matter that interests your child. These educational coloring books are great for older children who've moved on from simpler books. He'll learn more from a coloring book about astronomy or dinosaurs than he will in one featuring simple shapes.

  5. Removable pages: Kids love it when you proudly show off their work and creativity. Perforated coloring pages make it easier for you to move those drawings from the coloring book to the refrigerator door.

  6. High-quality paper: Crayons are less likely to tear coloring book pages, but colored pencils and some markers can rip through some paper types. Choose a coloring book with paper that will stand up to the type of coloring your kids are doing.

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