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Best Features of Asus Computers

by Paul Sanders


Competition among computer manufacturers is strong, which is great if you're looking to find great deals on laptops, notebooks, tablets, and desktop computers. Asus computers often set the standard for style and performance, especially when it comes to mobile computing. Here are some highlights to consider when comparing Asus computers with other models.

Asus Computer Features:

  1. HD displays: Most laptops can produce passable video, but Asus computers equipped with HD displays and powerful video processors are equipped for truly high-definition entertainment. As computers take a more central role in home entertainment, Asus computers are a strong contender for complementing, if not replacing, your home theater video player, and an HD laptop, netbook, or tablet may be the ultimate boredom cure for long car rides or flights.

  2. Superior battery life: While Asus computers keep adding more powerful processors and multitasking abilities to their machines, they draw more power. This makes maintaining a decent battery life challenging. Asus computers don't seem to have a problem with battery life, though. With regular use, your battery can carry you for over seven hours, and even longer on some Asus tablets and netbooks.

  3. Sleek design: Although design has little to do with performance, it still affects how you feel about your machine. Asus computers don't skip a beat in achieving modern designs with materials ranging from brushed metal to high-gloss shells for their laptops, tablets, and netbooks.

  4. LED backlit displays: By using energy-efficient LEDs to backlight the screen, Asus computers can manage longer battery life and better contrast for their displays. Look for LED displays to start becoming the preferred technology for Asus computers.

  5. Multi-touch pads: You'll get more control options if your Asus computer has a multi-touch control pad. The multi-touch allows for special touch-commands and can be useful in new applications and even games designed to use these features.

  6. HDMI output: Asus computers with powerful video processing or Blu-ray disc drives can take advantage of their HD video capabilities with an HDTV or other large display. Most machines with Blu-ray players won't export video without the digital rights management (DRM) features that HDMI provides. When considering an Asus computer with Blu-ray, check to see if HDMI output is available.

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