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Best Features for New Desktops

by Staff Writer


When shopping for a new desktop computer, look for desktops with features that take advantage of current technology. Assess your needs and select features that allow you to extend the life of your computer and maximize your ability to meet future software requirements. When searching for new desktop computers, consider how features might evolve in the future. Here are the best features to look for in new desktop computers.

What You Need to Know:

  1. Fast computer processor. The processor is the brain of your desktop computer. You may have heard of computers that feature "dual-core" or "quad-core" technology. Each core that the processor has is another dedicated processing center. The processor is responsible for crunching every calculation your desktop computer performs. Processor speed is measured in gigahertz (GHz). The higher the speed, the faster your computer will operate programs. Combined with random access memory (RAM), computer processor speed seriously affects your desktop computer performance.

  2. Solid state hard drives. Your desktop computer stores program information on a hard drive. Solid state hard drives are faster and more durable than standard hard drives. Traditional hard drives have moving parts which can wear over time. Both types of hard drives are effective for regular computer use, but solid state hard drives are great for high-end desktop computers.

  3. Blu-ray disc drive. Blu-ray players show extremely high-resolution recordings. While a DVD has less than 350,000 pixels in a single image, a Blu-ray image has more than 2 million. If you connect your computer to a high-definition display, a Blu-ray player will give you an amazing picture, plus multiple features that allow you to interact with movies. A machine that comes with a Blu-ray player should also have a video card that supports HDMI connections.

  4. Wi-Fi connectivity. If you use a wireless network in your household, be sure to pick up a machine that has a built-in Wi-Fi card. Combined with a wireless router, a Wi-Fi card lets your desktop computer connect to the Internet without using cables. Look for a card and router that support 802.11n (Wireless-N) signals. Wireless-N is also backward compatible with older technology, such as Wireless-G. Your desktop computer will also need an expansion slot to hold the wireless network card.

  5. Multiple graphics card capability. Gamers and professionals, like computer programmers and engineers, require heavy processing power to do intense video and 3D rendering. If you want to play the most cutting-edge games or do advanced 3D editing on your desktop computer, look for a computer that has multiple motherboard slots for video cards and supports the dual-card capability of your video cards.

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