Best Duvet Covers for Each Season

Grey and white stripped duvet cover set on bed
For those who use duvet blankets year-round, duvet covers allow you to change patterns and color to match every season. Along with the decor of the bedroom, a duvet cover may enhance the ambiance of the entire room or supply it with rich colors and textures for the ultimate comfort factor. If you purchased an expensive duvet, covering it throughout the year will keep it in good shape and allow you to wash it without compromising the batting. Look below to learn the best duvet covers for each season.
Grey and white stripped duvet cover set on bed


Once the evenings start warming up, lighter fabrics like satin provide sheen and style to any bedroom. Satin duvet covers are most often comprised of fabrics like nylon, rayon or silk to provide durability as well as comfort. For spring, lighter colors, including pastels or variations of cream and beige, brighten the room.


During warm summer nights, cotton duvets are one of the most common fabric choices. Light and airy, cotton is also easy to clean and comes in virtually every color and pattern. For the summer season, try a white duvet cover, which will make the room appear more open and spacious. A cotton blend that contains polyester is also an ideal choice for summer, because it is soft, requires simple washing and does not wrinkle.


For the fall season, a duvet cover that is warm enough for intermittent chilly nights is an ideal choice. Microsuede duvet covers offer a soft feel to bedding and come in a variety of colors. This material is easy to care for and machine washable. For fall, choose earthy colors like beige, brown, dark green or burgundy for a seasonal look.


A luxurious duvet cover is a favorite option for warmth during the winter months. Velvet is a soft fabric that comes in a variety of rich colors and provides plenty of insulation for cold nights. The luxurious texture looks good in any style of room decor. For winter months, choose deep, rich colors like burgundy, plum, forest green or chocolate to enhance the room.

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