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Best Dehumidifiers for Basements

by Lindsay Wilcox

White dehumidifier dries out air in unfinished basement

Get rid of moist, muggy air in your basement when you buy dehumidifiers to use in your home. Designed to collect humid air, retain condensation and reheat the air before blowing it back into the room, a dehumidifier is also an effective way to rid your home of mold and mildew caused by excess moisture. Whether you want a compact dehumidifier to use in your family room or a large basement dehumidifier you can place in your crawlspace, the following suggestions will help you buy a dehumidifier that is right for your space. Read on for tips on finding the best dehumidifiers for basements.

Basement Dehumidifiers:

  1. Buy a portable dehumidifier for a small divided basement. If you have a small basement divided into a family room and maybe a pantry, a portable dehumidifier that won't take up much space and can be moved from room to room will probably work best. Look for portable dehumidifiers with durable casters so you can roll them easily; models with large water buckets are also useful so that you aren't frequently emptying your dehumidifier. If your rooms are particularly chilly, make sure to buy a dehumidifier that can withstand cold temperatures and even has an auto defrost feature, if necessary.

  2. Find a dehumidifier that is large enough for your basement. While it may seem that a compact dehumidifier will save money and energy, a large room dehumidifier will actually be more energy- and cost-efficient in a wide basement because it will cool the area much more quickly. Therefore, you'll want to consider the size of your basement before you buy a room dehumidifier. You should also think about the amount of moisture in the air when looking for the right model for your home. Even the best dehumidifier will be overworked if it isn't large enough to cool your basement efficiently.

  3. Purchase a dehumidifier that can be cleaned easily and placed away from dust. While the dehumidifier you purchase for your basement won't need a lot of maintenance, you will occasionally need to clean the coils so that it removes moisture from the air properly. Many basement dehumidifiers release air through vents on top of the units and can be placed against walls. If the dehumidifier you buy for your basement doesn't have this function, however, you'll need to place it away from walls and furniture so that the air circulates. Make sure your dehumidifier is also kept away from dust and dirt, as these can clog the coils, too.

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