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Best Cooking Grill Accessories

by Raechel Conover


Cooking on a grill gives your food a wonderful and distinctive flavor. Since a grill uses a flame for cooking, you must take precautions and use the proper grilling accessories. Whether you're cooking meats, vegetables, or fruits, using tools especially designed for grilling will provide the best results every time you cook outdoors.

The Grill Tools You Need:

  1. Grilling spatula: The most important grill accessory is probably the spatula. With its extra long handle, a grilling spatula is the perfect tool for flipping food on a grill without getting burned.

  2. Grilling tongs: Like grill spatulas, grilling tongs have long handles to help prevent burns. Tongs make it easy to place food on the grill and rearrange, flip, and quickly remove food from the grill for placement on plates.

  3. Grilling fork: A grilling fork also has a long handle and is used to spear items on the grill. It can be used to move items around and to pierce meats to see if they are cooked all the way through.

  4. Basting brush: Marinades go perfectly with meats cooked on the grill. The best way to give your meat the full marinade flavor is to not only marinate it before cooking but also while it is cooking. A long-handled basting brush will work perfectly for this. When you turn your meat for even cooking on both sides, use your basting brush to apply more marinade.

  5. Skewers: When it comes to making kebabs, the best grill accessory is a set of skewers. Grilling skewers are long pieces of fire-resistant material that you can use to spear bite-size pieces of food and then lay them over the grill for cooking. The skewer handle makes it easy to turn your kebabs without burning yourself.

  6. Grill basket: A grill basket is convenient for cooking vegetables, fruits, and other small foods that might otherwise slip through the grill. This tool allows you to cook small-size foods to perfection by making it easy to fully cook each side.

  7. Grill cleaning brush: Once you're finished cooking, a grill cleaning brush is a necessity for cleaning your grill. Grill brushes come in either battery-operated or manual styles and make it easy to scrape and brush clean your grill's surface to prevent residue buildup.

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