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Best Coleman Sleeping Bag for Your Camping Trip

by Craig Blake

Man camping with a Coleman sleeping bag

There is nothing more important to a successful camping trip than a comfortable Coleman sleeping bag. Not all sleeping bags work for every situation. For example, sleeping in the wrong kind of sleeping bag can make a warm summer night a sauna or a cold winter camping trip nearly unbearable or even dangerous. On the other hand, your camping trip will be a cozy, instant success with the right Coleman sleeping bag for your situation. Here are some ideas on how to pick out a Coleman sleeping bag that will make your camping trip a hit.

Best Coleman Sleeping Bag for You:

  1. Warm-weather Coleman Sleeping Bags: For summer camping trips, you'll be happy to be wrapped in a comfortable warm-weather Coleman sleeping bag. Don't sweat it out in whatever heavy sleeping bag you have laying around. Be prepared with a Coleman sleeping bag designed with warm weather in mind. You'll be able to wake up after a good night sleep without boiling in your bag.

  2. Cool-weather Coleman Sleeping Bags: Coleman Sleeping Bags with cool weather in mind are best for camping conditions with temperatures between 30 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit. At this temperature, it can be difficult to decide which sleeping bag to pick. On one hand, it's cold enough to want to warm up in your Coleman sleeping bag after sitting around the campfire. On the other hand, once you're in there, you don't want to burn up. Luckily, you can pick out a Coleman sleeping bag for this exact situation.

  3. Cold-weather Coleman Sleeping Bags: Most cold-weather sleeping bags are made for conditions around 20 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Never spend a night shivering your sleeping bag. Make sure you have a cold-weather Coleman sleeping bag for your winter trips.

  4. Hooded, shaped or mummy Coleman Sleeping Bags: For extra comfort, you might enjoy a hooded, shaped or mummy Coleman sleeping bag. Pulling a cushioned hood around your head can trap in additional heat and provide a good headrest. Some of these Coleman Sleeping Bags are designed for conditions from 20 degrees to below zero. Make sure to check out the temperature specified before choosing the right Coleman sleeping bag for your trip.

Coleman Sleeping Bag Tip:

  1. No matter when and where you'll be camping, make sure to get the right Coleman sleeping bag for your size. Every Coleman sleeping bag should have the dimensions listed before you purchase. You don't want to be cramped all night in a sleeping bag too short or too skinny.

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