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Best Bedding for Platform Beds

by Craig Blake


When you buy a platform bed, you'll want to pick out new bedding to put on it. Before you are ready to snuggle up, you'll get to pick out bedding that will make your whole bedroom seem brand new. Here are a few ideas on how to make your platform bed a cozy, comfortable place to sleep as well a something beautiful to look at during the day.

Platform Bed Bedding:

  1. Comforter: The comforter is going to be the heart and soul for most platform beds. Once you spread it over your platform bed frame, it will be the first thing any visitors to your room see and will ultimately dictate the personality of your platform bed and the rest of the room. The color will depend on the color and style of your platform bed frame as well as your room decor. Make sure to choose a comforter that is as heavy or light as your climate requires.

  2. Pillows: Pillows are a great way to make platform beds stand out. Get two matching pillows that harmonize with the comforter. Then, add one smaller pillow in the middle to accent the color scheme. If your main pillows and the comforter are brown, get an accent pillow in tan or even orange. If your color scheme is black and white, get an accent pillow in red to spice it up without overpowering the decor. For king or queen platform beds, four or five pillows can add a comfortable look that will make you cherish the time you spend in bed. For smaller twin platform beds or a minimalist style, two or three pillows can really emphasize the colors you've chosen.

  3. Sheets: Step You can often buy sheets in a set with a comforter for platform beds. However, if you are adventurous, throw caution to the wind and pick out your own sheets. Having sheets colored or shaded lighter than your comforter creates an excellent contrast that makes both stand out. If your comforter is thin enough, fold it over at the top to show off the top of your sheets. Get sheets with similar colors as your comforter, but in stripes or another design against a light tan, grey or white.

  4. Extra blanket: For that last final touch, throw an extra blanket on the bottom of platform beds to accent the other colors. Fold your blanket so it is long, hanging off each side of the platform bed frame. Pick a color that is either slightly lighter or darker than the color of your comforter. In many situations a white, black or red blanket will look great folded across a platform bed. Not only will it make the rest of your bedding pop, it will be handy to have on extra-cold nights.

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