Benefits of Platform Beds



With so many bed frame options to choose from, it can be hard to know if platform beds are right for you. Platform beds are becoming popular, and certain designs have become recently popular in other areas for their contemporary look, but that's not the only reason people love them. Read on to discover the benefits of platform beds and if they might be the bed frame for you.

Platform Bed Benefits:

  1. Style: Platform beds tend to have a clean, modern look that work well in contemporary design. Platforms don't usually need bedskirts, so the look is streamlined and never "fussy." If you want your bedroom to look instantly updated, this is the bed for you.

  2. Savings: All platform beds have a flat platform or closely set slats to support your mattress; box springs and other foundations are not required. This saves you money if you're buying a new mattress to go on the bed, and the lack of uncomfortable springs may give you a better rest.

  3. Support: Putting the mattress directly on the platform bed frame is also a firmer sleeping option than box spring-mattress combinations, but this firmness can be uncomfortable for those who prefer to sleep on their sides. Side-sleepers can use both the mattress and the box spring, but adding the box spring will make the bed closer to a traditional bed height.

  4. Stability: In addition to providing support, the flat platform frame also makes the bed more stable than other bed frames. This stability is good for people who toss and turn and for heavier individuals who need a safe, sturdy bed. Platform beds are very low to the ground, which increases their stability and also makes them great bed frame options for short people or individuals who have physical difficulty getting in and out of regular beds.

  5. Storage: Many platform beds come with storage drawers built under the mattress platform. Captain beds have drawers down one or both long sides of the bed. In a child's bedroom, this would mean you have more toy storage. In your room, you could have a place to store extra bedding or out-of-season clothing.

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