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Art Gallery Glossary

by Christina Wright

5-piece contemporary art of calla lilies

Art is an expression of individuality and has evolved to include the huge variety you'll find in our art gallery. This huge selection uses special terms that can be confusing to the casual browser. Whether you're serious about finding new artwork for your home or you're simply interested in learning more about art, a glossary of art gallery terms could be just the thing for you. Read on to learn about some of the most common terms used in our art gallery.

Glossary of Art Terms:

  1. Vintage art: If your furniture came from estate sales and antique stores, complement the pieces with vintage art. From turn-of-the-century advertising to classic pin-up girls to old movie posters, vintage art fits into a room where the past is fondly remembered. Vintage art also looks good in rooms featuring contemporary decor due to the play between turn-of-the-century and cutting edge.

  2. Sea and shore art: Sea and shore art looks exactly like it sounds and goes well with cottage decor or beach themes. Choose from sea and shore art featuring sun-drenched palm trees or rain-soaked lighthouses to complement your whitewashed bead board and jars full of seashells.

  3. Landscape art: Landscape art depicts the natural beauties of the land, from untamed wilderness to rolling fields of wheat. In addition to being very soothing, landscape art can also open up a small room. By hanging a landscape art print on the wall, you simulate a window, making a little room feel larger.

  4. Asian art: Asian art brings the calming influence and calligraphic art style of the Far East to your home. If you have filled a room with shoji screens, cut bamboo and tatami mats, it makes sense to hang Asian art on the walls. Lotus flowers, bamboo prints and Kanji scrolls of Japanese character writing all emphasize your Far Eastern style.

  5. Flowers and still life art: Floral and still life art depicts wild or domestic flowers, fruit arrangements or both. Floral and still life art goes particularly well with country decor, but with such a huge selection, every flower lover can find floral art to coordinate with her decor.

  6. Cuisine art: For a kitchen, a dining room or a home bar, cuisine art reminds you that food is the main reason you're there. Cuisine art has a variety of colors and themes, with everything from a farmer's market to a classic French chef, so if you want to decorate with this type of artwork, you're sure to find something appetizing.

  7. Country charm art: The rustic charms of the country make a comfortable decor style, which can be completed with country charm art. Whatever country means to you -- mountain cabin, quaint cottage, Provencal or Americana -- there's country charm art to complement your down-home tastes.

  8. Contemporary art and abstract art: Sleek lines, neutral colors and metallic finishes are perfectly accented with contemporary art or abstract art that adds a splash of bright color or a geometric pattern to the room. Contemporary art often brings a sense of cosmopolitan sophistication to your living space, and abstract art is great if your decor doesn't have a particular theme or motif.

  9. Cityscape art: From old European cities to modern American bridges, cityscapes reflect the style of the city they represent. Each unique piece captures the flavor of city life and can enliven or calm your space. Finish off your Paris-styled apartment with black-and-white photography of the Eiffel Tower or complement your cottage or country decor with cityscapes of Tuscan villas.

  10. Children's art: Cartoon characters, whimsical animals and sweet children fill the children's art that is perfect for your child's room. Bright colors in children's art let you easily coordinate decorations, and fun themes will delight your child's imagination.

  11. Motivational art: Decorate your office or study area with motivational art to inspire you to do your best. Motivational art may also be more personal in nature, so hang it where you can see it whenever you need your faith to be renewed.

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