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Advantages of Plasma TVs

by Paul Sanders

Wall-mounted 46-inch plasma TV

Comparing displays, whether a plasma TV or some other technology, will lead you to examine many different manufacturers, screen sizes and resolutions before you make a decision. The performance benchmarks vary between plasma televisions, but plasma technology enjoys certain benefits overall. To help you, here are some of the advantages you'll enjoy with a plasma TV, no matter which model you settle on.

Plasma TV Advantages:

  1. Deep black levels: Because the individual plasma pixels provide their own illumination, black pixels can turn themselves off more completely than backlit pixels in other HDTV types. The improved contrast of plasma TVs allows them to produce deep black levels, which is ideal for showing a high level of detail, even in dark scenes. With a plasma television, fewer details get lost in the shadows and you will see a picture closer to that which was originally filmed.

  2. Wide viewing angles: Some HDTV screens start to look distorted when viewed at an angle. This problem is nearly non-existent for plasma TVs. Even viewers sitting off to the side can watch the screen without any distortion of the image.

  3. No visible motion blur: Plasma TVs have much faster pixel-response times than other technologies, although other TV types are catching up in this regard. This allows refresh rates upwards of 600 Hz, which virtually eliminates any visible motion blur when fast-moving objects move across the screen; even action scenes stay crisp and detailed.

  4. Color saturation: The superior color reproduction of a plasma TV is related to the same contrast ratio that delivers the deep black levels mentioned earlier. The wide color gamut allows the best plasma TVs to boast the best color reproduction of nearly any HDTV type.

  5. Ideal for games and movies: Movies look great on plasma screens with such deep blacks and enough colors to represent even the most vibrant movie scenes. The fast response times are perfect for fast-paced video games, especially since they refresh at faster rates than most TVs and films. Also, playing video games on a big plasma TV screen lets you really enjoy the level of detail put into them.

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