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Advantages of Owning a Pre-Owned Rolex

by Staff Writer

Pre-owned Rolex watch with a blue dial

Whether you're rewarding yourself for the success you've already achieved or dressing for the future you plan to have, a Rolex watch conveys accomplishment. A Rolex can easily be the only watch you ever need to purchase. Rolex prides itself on creating precise instruments; by using enduring parts and fine details to create flawless movement and a striking appearance, the Rolex brand has made itself the ultimate emblem of style and status. Financially savvy success stories know that paying more than you have to isn't a smart move. Consider buying a pre-owned Rolex and enjoy the same watch at a fraction of the price.

Advantages of a Pre-owned Rolex:

  1. Quality: While most watches are mass produced, Rolex assembles their watches entirely by hand, one at a time. Rolex believes that the delicate process of watchmaking should be performed by skilled craftsmen using the finest materials available. Rolex watches use the same grade of steel that's used in the chemical industry, which is prized for its resistance to corrosion and its ability to provide years of flawless service.

  2. Innovation: New and forward-thinking ideas have always played a role in the Rolex culture. Since the early 20th century, Rolex has played a part in the development of watch technologies, including water-resistant cases, quartz and automatic movements, automatic date and time change and the dual time-zone display. Rolex's enduring quality and timeless nature mean that even when you purchase a watch that's a year old, you know you're getting technology that will stand the test of time.

  3. Price: Buying a pre-owned watch can be a solid investment. Owners and collectors of Rolex watches will sometimes sell watches at a discount, allowing you to revel in the hermetically sealed bevel without paying full price. Buying a watch secondhand presents an opportunity for you to enjoy a significant discount on an elite product.

  4. Value: Like vintage sports cars and fine wine, some Rolex models increase in value over time. Models made for professionals and extreme-sports enthusiasts, like deep-sea divers, mountain climbers and pilots, tend to be the most highly sought-after watches. The Rolex GMT Master is the most popular model today. It was developed for Pan Am pilots to address the challenge of simultaneously keeping track of the current time in multiple time zones. Simply put, Rolex watches are designed to retain their value and become heirlooms over time.

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