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7 Reasons to Travel with One Bag

by Lindsay Champion

Carry-on luggage

The next time you travel, rather than shoving nearly everything you own into ten pieces of luggage and hauling them around, try packing light. Not only will it help you keep costs down while flying, it will improve your physical well-being and make your trip far less stressful. Keep your mind and bags light by traveling with one piece of carry-on luggage on your next vacation. Look below for the seven reasons to travel with one bag.

The Top 7 Reasons:

  1. Save money. Most airlines charge money for checking bags. If you travel with one bag you can avoid having to pay for more than your plane ticket. Simply take your bag as a carry-on, and avoid the hassle of checking bags all together.

  2. Lighten your load. Lugging multiple bags through the airport, in and out of the car, and into the hotel is a hassle. Pack your belongings into a backpack or a rolling suitcase so you can evenly distribute the weight in your bag and carry it easily, as opposed to pulling at two or three different bags at once.

  3. Avoid long lines. Checking your bags at the airport almost always involves waiting in a long line. If you have only one bag, you get to bypass the line. It's like having your own private VIP pass.

  4. Stop worrying about losing your luggage. The more bags you check, the greater the chance that one of them will get lost. If you have only one bag, you can keep it with you at all times.

  5. Packing to return home takes less time. Instead of running around the hotel, wondering if you've forgotten anything, relax and take your time because you only have one bag to worry about.

  6. Explore before checking into the hotel. With bags bogging you down it's hard to do any sightseeing. Instead, pack light and enjoy the day, even before check-in time.

  7. Forget about the stuff and enjoy the trip. With your mind focused on all the things you brought and how to use them, you'll have a harder time enjoying the new environment around you. Pack a few simple items, and instead of worrying about what to wear every day, repeat outfits as much as possible and keep it simple. You'll enjoy your vacation more when you think about your personal belongings less.


  1. Purchase a versatile bag with a garment bag included, so you can pack formal clothing as well as casual wear.

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