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5 Ways to Make an Entrance



If first impressions really are the most important, then the entrance to your home could be considered the most significant room. Your foyer, front hallway, or living room is the first experience that guests have when they are invited into your home. Additionally, your foyer welcomes you every time you return. To create an entrance that will impress your friends -- and you -- try some of these furniture and decor tips.

Entrance Design Tips:

  1. Table it. You need a place to put your keys, your purse, and the occasional shopping bag when you walk through the door. Entrance tables are more than just functional, though. The right table helps to convey your style while adding texture or color to the space. Tall, narrow tables work well in hallway entrances, while short tables with more surface area can sit next to chairs in large foyers.

  2. Leave a light on. Lighting is an important element in any room, but it can make or break an entryway. Bright lighting can make a tight hallway seem larger. Table lamps and sconces can create intimacy in a spacious foyer. If your front door opens right into a living room, dining room, or kitchen, define a foyer space with a floor lamp that casts light on an upholstered chair and a shabby chic end table. Choose a lamp or light to keep turned on while you're out; it's nice coming home to a lit foyer.

  3. Take a seat. Seating adds comfort and dimension to an entry room. If space is tight, consider a storage bench. If you want to make a statement, try mid-century modern chairs. If your foyer has the room for it, a chaise lounge makes a bold and comfortable entryway piece. You may find our guide, Tips on Buying Chaise Lounges, a helpful place to start.

  4. Man your post. Entryways and foyers are easily filled with clutter. Mail can quickly create chaos in an entryway of any size, so consider creating a system for keeping mail organized. Choose an entryway table with drawers for an easy mail organization system. Trays, boxes, and baskets can also hide mail until you're ready to sort through it.

  5. Personalize. Set the mood for the rest of your home by putting your personal stamp on your entryway decor. Choose from bold, graphic art, colorful travel souvenirs, framed family photos, and favorite books to warm up a foyer and add your personality.

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