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5 Reasons You Want a Bath Rug for Your Dorm

by Chandler Warnick

Claw foot bathtub with a round blue bath rug

Chances are you've been thinking more about posters and game systems than about bath mats as you've done your back-to-school shopping; as you prepare for the big move to college, make sure to give bath mats a chance. Bath rugs and bath mats can go a surprisingly long way toward making your dorm feel like home. Don't believe it? Keep reading for five reasons that you want a bath mat for your dorm.

Why You Want a Bath Rug:

  1. Bath rugs eliminate puddles. Stepping into a cold puddle of standing water in the middle of your bathroom floor is off-putting and can occur with frustrating regularity when you share a bathroom with several other people. A nice bath rug absorbs and wicks away dripped water, keeping your bathroom floor dry -- no more slipping and no more wet feet for you and your roommates.

  2. Bath rugs can take the edge off homesickness. You've been waiting for this for years and you'll never look back, right? You might think so now, but the first few months at school can leave you feeling pretty homesick, and you'll appreciate anything that will make your dorm or apartment feel less foreign and more like home. A bath mat might seem like the last thing that would take the edge off homesickness, but sometimes it's the little details that make all the difference, like having a nice comforter on the bed, a framed picture on the wall and a bath mat on the bathroom floor.

  3. Bath rugs keep the floor from looking dirty. A bathroom floor accumulates dust and other unsavory detritus quickly with just one person is using it, and it happens even faster when you and several roommates are all sharing it. Bath rugs and bath mats catch dust and debris, keeping your floor cleaner longer. When it is time to clean, simply shake out your bath rug and toss it in the wash.

  4. Bath rugs are warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Dorms aren't known for having stellar utilities, and the heating and cooling system may leave something to be desired. That could mean you'll be stepping onto a cold, clammy bathroom floor in the cold months and onto a warm, sticky one when it's hot outside -- unless, of course, you have a bath mat.

  5. Bath rugs look nice. A bare bathroom floor looks desolate, cold and uninviting. A quality bath mat can change the look of your bathroom from "it'll do" to "warm and inviting." Guys, even if you don't care how your bathroom looks, your guests will, and that makes a bath mat a must-have dorm item.

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