Ideas for Easter - To Get You In The Spring of Things

More Information about Easter

Easter falls in the middle of spring when the flowers are blossoming and the leaves sprouting on the trees. The holiday is all about the rebirth and a fresh new start that springtime brings.

Whether your tradition is an Easter brunch or family dinner, a few Easter decorations can make the event that much more fun. Use items that symbolize spring and rebirth, like flowers and eggs throughout your home. Of course, the traditional bunny or chick is always a welcome addition to your tabletop decor, or try filling jars, bowls, and vases with brightly-colored Easter candy for your Easter party.

Like all holidays, there's plenty of Easter fun to be had for kids! In fact, many of the most common Easter traditions center around children's activities. The Easter Bunny who delivers candy-filled basket is one, as is the traditional Easter egg hunt. Easy Easter crafts, like dying eggs or making homemade Easter baskets a few days beforehand, is another fun way to get your kids involved and excited for the holiday.

For many people, giving Easter gifts is a fun tradition as well. Some fun Easter gifts for kids include tucking small toys in Easter baskets, or placing little gifts in plastic Easter eggs. For little girls, new Easter dresses are always fun, and why not get a pastel tie or shirt for your boys too?

Whether you're planning a big get-together or celebrating in a simple way, Happy Easter to you and happy hopping too!