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Find Back to School Savings Here

For students and teachers, late summer is time for back-to-school shopping. Are you excited to go back to school? Are you nervous? Either way, checking off everything from your back-to-school shopping list will prepare you for a great year. Whether you have a college checklist or you're a teacher in need of classroom supplies, you can find what you need here for less.

Part of college life is decorating your dorm room. Need dorm decor ideas? Try bringing in some color to your room with dorm bedding, throw pillows, and a small rug. Add your personality to the design with art, storage solutions, and desk accessories, so you'll love returning to this space after class. Don't forget to bring a coffee maker!

Parents of children in grades K-12 know how chaotic the first day of school can be, but when you have a plan, everyone can get out the door on time. Stay on track by organizing the kids' backpacks and school uniforms the night before the big day. Encourage excitement by letting your kids help choose new clothes, pens and pencils, and a new homework desk

When everyone finally makes it to class, it's time for the teacher to take charge. If you're the teacher, you've already spent lots of time getting your classroom supplies in order. Teachers do a lot of shopping for their students, so it's nice to find the essentials, from art supplies to classroom equipment, all in one store.

Shopping Tips

Best Backpacks for Back to School

Buying a new backpack is one of the best parts of back-to-school shopping. A backpack can show off your personal interests or act as a fashion statement. It can house a collection of new school supplies, hold a stash of snacks, and maybe even keep homework organized. Before you choose a new backpack for the beginning of the school year, learn more about the options available.

Top 5 School Backpacks

Backpacks are essential school supplies. They hold textbooks, notebooks, pens and other school supplies that students can't get along without. Because school backpacks are so important, a variety of bookbags has developed to meet the demand. Knowing what the best backpacks are before you shop for one will help you find the right bag for you or your student. Keep reading to discover the top five backpacks ...

Best Girls' Clothes for School

Getting ready to go back to school means picking out new clothes that will help your little girl feel confident and stylish. Whether she likes dressing up or prefers clothes that can get dirty, start her back-to-school shopping with basic items, like jeans, dresses and hoodies that will be a staple in her closet for fall and winter. Keep reading for tips on finding the perfect clothing to outfit your ...

Tips on Using Notebooks for School

When you take your notebook computer to school, you can take notes in class, work on homework between classes and access class materials and the Internet anywhere on campus. Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your laptop while you're at school.
What Shoppers Are Saying

Fantastic buy!!

Everyone elses reviews made this an easy purchase. I was so excited to see it looked just like the picture on the computer....and i have my computer set to factory setting colors. I don't mess with the "colors" on my computer. Anyway....they sent along with the carpet, care and cleaning instructions. ...
faux68 January 22, 2013

The Horrors of Children at War

A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Beah portrays the horrors of child soldiers and expresses the sadness of war. Ishmael decided to write this memoir to show the experiences he faced while he lived in Sierra Leone. From the start, Ishmael is separated from his family and he never sees them again. He stays with ...
coolbeans1111 January 29, 2012

Gorgeous Chair!

This is a great chair! I had been eyeing it for about a year and new it went in and out of stock fairly regularly. When it came back, I knew it was time and ordered it. It arrived very quickly and the colors are gorgeous! The reds and oranges are very vibrant and the green is a muted olive. It arrived ...
mocha24 July 06, 2011

Life of Pi Is Not One, But A Million Stories

One could very well argue that Life of Pi tells the story of boy named Piscine Molitor Patel who becomes stranded on a lifeboat in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with non-other than Richard Parker, a four-hundred pound Bengal tiger. However, I believe that Life of Pi tells a much deeper story, one ...
aliceulrich October 08, 2009