Back To School

Back to School

  • For students and parents, the end of summer means back-to-school time. You may be excited or you may be nervous; either way, being prepared for the first day of school will make it much easier to have a successful year.

    School mornings can be hectic, but if you have a plan, you can get everyone out the door. Make sure everyone has something to wear. Kids often grow over the summer, so they may need new shoes and uniforms. If they don't wear uniforms, having a new back-to-school outfit can make the transition from summer fun to hitting the books a little more fun. A backpack stocked with school supplies will mean that kids can be on time for the morning bell.

    If it's up to you to make sure your kids have lunches to take to school, shop for insulated lunch bags or lunch boxes with compartments. Pick up a cookbook with ideas for healthy lunches that kids will like, and stock the cupboards with healthy snacks, like granola bars and packs of trail mix. Keep fresh vegetables cut up in the fridge, so you can divvy them out for lunches each weekday. A reusable water bottle will help kids stay hydrated and away from sugary sodas.

    Homework success starts with setting up a routine. Create a homework zone with a student desk, a chair, lots of light, and very few distractions. Encourage your kids to do their homework at the same time of day, and always make sure they get enough sleep, so they can do it all again the next day.

    With the help of, this is going to be the best school year yet!