Zodiac Style: Virgo

Between August 23 and September 22, we're under the reign of Virgo. As the first sign of fall, it's appropriate that this earth sign is well-grounded and focuses on earthy tones. Get your fall style inspiration, whether you're born under the sign or not, from these chic Virgo looks:




By nature, Virgos are highly discriminating, giving them a fine-tuned sense of style. Virgos are also down-to-earth, so keep it simple and sophisticated with these five style staples in your wardrobe:

  1. Classic tweed dress
  2. Suede heels in a neutral shade
  3. Carry-all bag
  4. Deep green cocktail ring
  5. Neutral but still trendy nail polish


And what to wear on those days when you're going for a more casual look:

  1. Ultra-soft raglan tee
  2. Camel-colored skinny jeans
  3. Trendy, studious Ray-Bans
  4. Camera for snapping picks of autumn leaves
  5. Bold nail color


Are you a Virgo? What's your favorite way to show your well-known sense of style? Don't forget to check out some of our other zodiac-inspired looks that you might wear, like summer's fiery Leo look or fellow earth sign Taurus.

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