Zodiac Style: Libra

This month's zodiac look is focusing on Libra. This cardinal sign is unique in the zodiac: It's the only sign that is represented by neither a human nor an animal. In fact, the sign for Libra is the scales. Libras are always playing a balancing act. They're social and charming, and they always seek harmony and see both sides of the picture.

Libras love to strike a balance in their style, too. They're not tied to one style, but instead like to mix and match, sampling from different looks to create their own look. They're most drawn to soft, feminine looks, and you'll usually see at least one element of romanticism in their outfits, but they also love to incorporate a balance of edgy with feminine, casual with glam, and classic with current. Click around these fall looks that complement the Libra in all of us.

Calvin Klein Performance Sweatshirt Sinequanone Pleated Metallic Stripe Two Pocket Tweed Skirt Refresh by Beston Women's 'Alexis' Olive Oxford Ankle Bootie Romeo & Juliet Couture Horse Print Woven Sleeveless Top Libra Zodiac Sign Cotton Decorative Pillow Whet blu Women's Motocross Leather Jacket Premise Graphite Pintucked Ponte Pant


Libra Look:

Charcoal grey Calvin Klein sweatshirt

Metallic pleated tweed skirt

Olive green oxford ankle boots

Horse-print galaxy shirt

Leather motorcycle jacket

Heathered grey ponte pants


Libra's element is air, and they're drawn to shades of blue and grey, but love to add a brighter pop of color to the mix. The ruling planet Venus and the starstone sapphire add to their romantic side, while their cardinal quality gives them strength and confidence in rocking unexpected styles. You'll always find Libras at the forefront of fashion. If there's a hot, new trend just hitting the scene, you can expect to see a Libra wearing it.

Are you a Libra? What's your style personality? Check out similar looks from fellow air (and coincidentally also dual-natured) sign Gemini or autumn's companion sign Virgo, and be sure to check back for more zodiac styles! Next up: Scorpio!



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